meet saad & nora


"One of the many things that makes Saad really special is that he is constantly filled with happiness. He makes everyone around him smile, no matter what their mood is." - Nora 


"Nora is nice & kind. And she has pets and I like pets." - Saad


"Saad took to Nora the minute they were introduced. He obviously feels comfortable and safe with her, and she helps him to be confident and involved." - Miss Danaë, LIVE ART teacher


"I remember when I first met Saad. Erin and Saad came up to me one of the first classes and Erin said we should be partners. I get really excited every Saturday to see Saad and help him through our class."  - Nora 

"Nora and Saad encourage each other and because of that they are both growing into their potential.  Saad wants to do things WITH Nora because she makes it fun. She makes him feel brave. Nora shines as a leader and friend to everyone. She is an even brighter light when she is near Saad." Miss Abby, LIVE ART teacher


"Family means to me a group of people that are constantly supporting you. They push you to your limits and further and, most importantly, they accept you for who you are. A family is a place where you feel comfortable being yourself. "