meet naomi & nyla

Nyla and Naomi


“Family means a group of people (related or not) supporting each other and working together to make a positive influence in others’ lives.” - Nyla


“Naomi and Nyla are the definition of what the LIVE ART program is all about; supportive, caring, understanding, compassionate, non-judgmental, respectful, and kind. They are constantly an example of how to be gentle and loving.” – Miss Catherine, LIVE ART teacher


“Naomi is special because she is kind and an open person who is willing to except new things and new people.” – Nyla


“Nyla always knows how to help me in the right way. She has a kind and fun personality.” – Naomi


“Nyla is strong of character and willing to do whatever is necessary to support her buddy, and Naomi  is always positive and receptive to that help. They have discovered throughout our time together unique ways to “make it work” that don’t require help from staff. They make a great team! They both have sweet and humble spirits that uplift a room just by being in it.” – Miss Catherine, LIVE ART teacher