meet natalie & gena

Natalie and Gena


“Family laughs with you, listens to you, and gives you love when you truly need it.” -  Natalie  


Natalie and Gena first met in 2017 in LIVE ART Modern Movement class. “Gena feels Natalie's warmth and smile and she has always gravitated to it. Natalie's warmth is stronger because of Gena. She feels uplifted by her friendship and she feels special because Gena connects to her heart.” – Miss Abby, LIVE ART teacher


“Gena is special because she's compassionate, cares about her friends, and always has a smile on her face.  She's brave in everything she does and is very silly.  Gena also gives the best hugs and can always make me smile.”  - Natalie  

“I like how Natalie talks with me, and her sense of humor!” - Gena


To me, family are those people in your life who support you through anything and love you endlessly.  I'm lucky to have a wonderfully loving family and amazing friends that I can call my family.  


“I think they will both continue to uplift others by staying vulnerable. That is something they have learned from one another.” – Miss Abby, LIVE ART teacher