In partnership with Dancers of RVA, Creatives of RVA extends the stories and journeys of creatives in RVA who are making Richmond a colorful and CREATIVE city to live and love! Meet the Creatives of RVA.


Two years after starting Dancers of RVA, photographer Katrina Boone and the creative marketing genius, Sara Marsden of SPARC talked about how wonderful it would be to tell more stories of the talents in Richmond, thus Creatives of RVA was born. This photography and written word project will follow the stories & artistic journeys of creatives in Richmond VA. To start the project, we will share the stories of partners from SPARC’s LIVE ART program. We hope you enjoy learning more about the friends and friendships that came to be in the heart of the city of Richmond and to the stage of Altria in June! We hope you enjoy the stories and journeys of the Creatives of RVA.