meet jonathan & izzy

Meet Izzy and Jonathan


“It's hard to write about these two because their connection is their own. You see it. After a little whisper or tap on the shoulder they are in the zone and ready to go. They "get" each other.” – Miss Abby, LIVE ART teacher


“Jonathan is so special to me because he is always happy and smiling. Jonathan makes me happy when he smiles! He is always a positive guy and I love being around him. I always looked forward to dancing with him in class!” – Izzy

Izzy is “amazing.” – Jonathan


“Izzy and Jonathan met in 2016 in Jonathan’s first LIVE ART class, Dancing Feet. She was really patient and kind with him guiding and encouraging him with the dance steps.” – Emily, Jonathan’s mother

“Last year they were paired up on a dance but we couldn't invent the kind of connection they have.  We are lucky to find friends like this who understand us and make our happiness just as important as their own.” – Miss Abby, LIVE ART teacher


“Family means so much to me. Family are the people you can always count on and will always be there for you unconditionally. Family to me is everything!”  – Izzy

“Family embraces and loves us not only on our best days but more importantly our worst days. Family sees our potential when others and sometimes even ourselves see limitations.  In family you can be vulnerable and feel safe. Live Art is family to us.”  – Emily, Jonathan’s mother