meet lillian & marquis

Meet Marquis and Lillian


“Marquis is a very special friend because he has his own style. He rocks life his own way, he’s goofy and funny and a whole lot of fun!” – Lillian


“Lillian is special because she is nice to me” – Marquis

Marquis and Lillian met this year in SPARC’S LIVE ART Modern Movement class. “Sometimes it can be overwhelming in a great big room of people. But when you see their connection it is clear that they found a way to connect "just the two of them" and by doing that they are bolder together.” - Ms. Abby


“When I was asked to help him out, I was happy to be helping someone, but as we got to know each other and grew closer, he made me really excited to come to class every Saturday.”  – Lillian

“ Marquis is sneaky and silly. Lilly sees this and celebrates it. He seeks her out to connect in class and they have a spark that makes the other one more sensitive and open.” – LIVE ART teacher, Ms. Abby


“Family is a group of people (biological or not) who are are always there for you.  They support you through all of your tears--laughing or crying! Most importantly they love YOU for YOU.” – Lillian

“Family means to love everyone equally”– Marquis