meet zach & erin

meet zach & erin


“Zach and Erin feed of each other's energy and because of that they light the room up even more. They are all about celebration, self-love, and supporting others.”

– Miss Abby, LIVE ART teacher


“Erin and I met before this year, but we weren’t in class together. This year we are in class together, so we got to know each other better. Her smile, her laugh, and the way that she dances are what make her so special.” - Zach


“Family includes anyone who likes being together and cares for each other. I’m adopted so to me, family has never been about blood, it’s about who you love and who loves you!” - Zach


“Zach and Erin- Erin and Zach have learned more about loving themselves through their relationship with each other. Their confidence in who they are is always growing and it is inspiring to other students.” – Miss Abby, LIVE ART teacher

Come and join us Friday and the whole month of June while our project with be showcased as part of FIRST FRIDAYS IN RVA!

Students in SPARC’s unique LIVE ART program for youth with and without disabilities work together in a variety of performing and visual arts classes throughout the year. While rehearsing their performances, they build relationships and understanding of one another using SPARC’s unique C.A.R.E. curriculum based on - Compassion, Acceptance, Respect and Empathy.

The LIVE ART program culminates in an award winning mega-concert, featuring nationally, internationally, and regionally recognized recording artists performing with the LIVE ART students. Together they take the stage for a night of music, dance, visual art, and human connection for a show that has become one of Richmond’s favorite annual events!

Come and see photos and stories of LIVE ART friendships that know no bounds, as part of the Creatives of RVA project. And artistic creations of students for the LIVE ART: Family show on June, 2, 2019.

The show will be running through the month of June at Red Amp Audio, located at 9 W Grace Street, Richmond VA 23220