meet taylor & maggie

meet taylor & maggie


“Taylor and Maggie were selected for this project because of their blossoming friendship after being paired up as partners in their Connect + Create class in SPARC’s LIVE ART program for student of all abilities.” - Courtney Vollmer, LIVE ART Program Director and teacher.

This year’s LIVE ART theme is Family, and students in each of the eight LIVE ART: Family classes worked on art, dance, music pieces around the theme of family and our chosen families.


“Taylor is so kind to me. She is a great artist. We had fun doing projects for each other at home and brought them to class to give to each other, I loved the rainbow she made for me.” - Maggie


You rely on each other and care for each other that's what family means to me. - Maggie

Taylor and Maggie’s friendship is just electric! I have watched them grow and laugh and love each other endlessly. They really bring out the best in one another and have a fun connection that feels completely natural. It is like they are soul sisters. I know that it will be a friendship that will stand the test of time. - Courtney Vollmer


Taylor and Maggie, along with 200 other amazing LIVE ART students, will appear in SPARC’s annual LIVE ART concert, LIVE ART: Family on June 2 at Altria Theater along with Jason Mraz, Hanson, and a host of other recording artists. Tickets are $42 - $82 at